Adidas® Breathable Loafers

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Size:  39
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Our soles feature cushioning technology for extra softness and comfort. This model is lightweight, comfortable and made from high-quality, breathable materials. They are perfect for everyday use.
The shoe has a non-slip rubber sole that provides excellent traction even in the rain.

Come and buy a pair of shoes to suit you, we have different styles and colours for you.

In the USA, 2.5 million people (7% of the population) suffer from varicose veins in summer. A study conducted at the University of Southern California on a sample of approximately 200,000 Americans (0.06% increase in the population).

Varicose veins affect 73% of women and 56% of men in the US. Another 8.1 million people are likely to have undiagnosed varicose veins. Just because you are part of the 7% doesn't mean you have few options when it comes to varicose veins. In this shoe, we offer you a wide range of varicose vein products that are not only functional and comfortable, but also stylish.

What are varicose veins? What causes them and is it shoe related? Varicose veins are painful and uncomfortable for most people. They are curved veins with a slightly bluish tinge that lie just below the surface of the skin.
As we age, the veins weaken. So how can you prevent or treat the pain and swelling associated with varicose veins without surgery?
It is true that the shoes you wear every day have an impact on this condition.

Your comfort is the most important thing for us, these sandals provide a lot of freedom and comfort, you always feel light on your feet, you can walk without pain, even if you have to wear them all day

Simply slip them on and adjust the toe buckles for extra support

The lightweight design with wedges allows you to walk more steadily and at ease for hours without losing your balance.

These sandals improve posture and correct muscle imbalances by placing your feet at the perfect angle to their original position to align your skeleton.

Are joint pains frustrating? In most cases, the problem lies deep in the lower part of the body: the feet. Poor balance can cause imbalances in the knees, hips and muscles.

Separate, straighten and align the fingers.

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